Thursday, 30 June 2016

clay work

1. For my clay sculpture I am doing a box the box stands for peace not war and you can become friends.

2.The title of my sculpture is peace not war.If someone looked  at my work I wan't them to get the message of be kind and be come a friend.
3.The thing that I enjoyed the most is breaking and starting again!!!
4.The hardiest part was the patterns with the kebab stick.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Flox Art Work

To make this art we used stencils,paint,and a sponge.

The easiest thing for me was the back round because all I had to do was sponge all over the show.

What I found the hardiest was the fern because it had lots of ups and down parts.

I think the finished product looks quite cool.

If I could change any think I would change the back round to yellow and take out the red koufie

The first thing I did was the purple back round then I did the flax and the yellow koufie and the fern after that I did the 3 big leaves and the red koufie.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Museum trip/vist

Last week on Friday room 14 went to the museum because we were studding Zena Elliot.

we saw alot of her art work.I loved it so much!!!

I learnt how Zena creates her art work and what her art work is about.It is about her country/curter.

My favourite thing was the wall with the mothes on it.It keeped making me think.We got to touch two of the mothes a little one and a big one they looked light but they weart.They were quite soft but hard.the moth wall was my favourite because I found it quite fascinating I could stere at it all day!!!

We also got to make our own art work.Just like her.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

flox the artiest

We have been studying a artiest called Flox know as Hayley king.We have been studying her because we like her art.What inspires Flox to do art is birds, nature.She came to New Zealand to play squash but...instead she became an artiest.I all of her art she uses blue because it is her favourite colour.She has been in Hamilton because she did a big  painting on the back of the library in the center of Hamilton there is going to be some pictures below.


Monday, 11 April 2016

Tape and straws towers

Today we did tape and straws towers .we had to make a tower as tall our teacher . we could only use tape,straws and 2 peers of scissors .It had to be free standing. I enjoyed this activity the most because it was quite hard.I think the beast role I played was police officer because I had good control of my group.The most difficult role for me was  editor because I did not know what to do half the time.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Assembly 2016

In week 5 we had our class assembly.I shard  a little groop skit I was the techer we did two skits the first skit was a groop that nwas not working compadivley .we had to come up with Idars for what we would use a oad soack for. The next skit was a groop that was not working compadvliey . I also shard my seife writing.

My favourite thing i did was our dance to up town funk because I like to dance and it was funny.

If I could redo our assembly I would change the bubby writing because I would of liked to do anther dance